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Network Configuration Techniques

The Various Techniques Cookbooks provide miscellaneous examples of how to perform various network and system configuration tasks. Each is a set of step-by-step instructions intended to help build your familiarity with network configuration in Linux and Windows.

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Network and System Configuration Cookbooks

  1. Server Install Script[pdf][share]
  2. Configure Auxiliary Management[pdf][share]
  3. Find Windows IP Addresses[pdf][share]
  4. Find Windows MAC Addresses[pdf][share]
  5. Custom DOS Window Settings[pdf][share]
  6. Quickly Inspect Your DOS PATH Variable[pdf][share]
  7. Connecting With PuTTY[pdf][share]
  8. Install Arduino Mega Driver on Windows XP[pdf][share]
  9. Install Arduino Mega Driver on Windows 7[pdf][share]
  10. Install Arduino Mega Driver on Windows 10[pdf][share]
  11. Connect to LANforge Using Remote Desktop[pdf][share]
  12. Connect to LANforge Using VNC Viewer[pdf][share]
  13. Display WireShark Using Cygwin[pdf][share]
  14. Finding Report Data[pdf][share]
  15. Writing Disk Images on Windows[pdf][share]
  16. Adding a LANforge Virtual Machine[pdf][share]
  17. Configuring Serial Connection to LANforge[pdf][share]
  18. Connecting SMA Cables to LANforge[pdf][share]
  19. Diagnose GUI Problems on Windows[pdf][share]
  20. Recovering Filesystems[pdf][share]
  21. Automatically Start LANforge GUI on Login[pdf][share]
  22. Configure OpenVPN on Ubuntu[pdf][share]
  23. Configure OpenVPN on Windows[pdf][share]
  24. CI/CD Lights-Out Chamber Setup[pdf][share]
  25. Instructions to Change Report Logo[pdf][share]
  26. Instructions to Set Up an SSH Tunnel[pdf][share]
  27. Understanding VRF Devices[pdf][share]
  28. Use FireFox with a Virtual Station to Browse a DUT[pdf][share]
  29. Backing Up and Migrating LANforge Data[pdf][share]
  30. CT714B Stand Assembly[pdf][share]
  31. CT840a Turntable Testing[pdf][share]
  32. Remove old Reports and Data[pdf][share]
  33. Clustering Multiple LANforge Systems[pdf][share]
  34. Configure a Remote LANforge System[pdf][share]
  35. Configure NTP Chronyd on Fedora[pdf][share]
  36. Upgrading Offline LANforge Systems[pdf][share]
  37. Multiplexed REST Access via Nginx Proxy[pdf][share]

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