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The LANforge software uses many open-source applications in order to do all the clever things it can do. We make our open-source repositories available to help share changes. Candela offers pre-built versions of these tools as well, so unless you have interest in source code, it is probably best if you get the pre-built binaries from the Candela LANforge Downloads page.

Many of the older patches and miscellaneous things have migrated here.

Virtual WiFi for Ath5k/Ath9k/Ath10k
This page describes how to download and use the modified Ath5k, Ath9k, and ath10k driver to create virtual Station and AP interfaces.
VOCAL SIP VoIP Project LANforge uses a highly modified version of the venerable VOCAL SIP VOIP project. Basically, support for other than the SIP client was removed. Threads were removed to aid stabalization of the project.
XORP (Candela Branch) LANforge uses a modified version of XORP to provide virtual router support (OSPF, RIP, PIM-SM, OLSR, etc).
All Candela-related projects hosted by github This includes xorp.ct, hostap-ct, curl, c-ares, and more. These may not be fully synced with upstream code.


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