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Testing Internet Gaming Applications with LANforge

Gaming application developers, gaming console makers and WiFi Access Point makers can now test the user experience in a wide range of network conditions in a controllable manner. Candela offers a gaming testing solution that allows the user to isolate and test one network variable at a time: RF stability, RF performance, and upstream network conditions (latency, bandwidth, packet loss & reordering, corruptions ...)

Typical Testing Approach

Includes these Building Blocks

More advanced systems can support many concurrent and individually configurable network emulations by using many vAP interfaces paired with WAN emulation in the LANforge system.

Gaming Test Demonstration

Pricing: A simple setup with vAP and WAN emulation starts at around $10k. A more advanced setup with isolation chambers and RF attenuator starts around $40k.

Lead Times: Most LANforge systems can generally be shipped within a couple of days of customer PO. The accessories may need 2-4 weeks of lead time.

TaaS/Onsite Support: For a customer with only occasional testing needs, we provide an option of Test as a Service. Candela engineers can do the testing for you in our fully equipped test lab and provide a detailed test report with recommendations. We can provide onsite setup and automation services for customers interesting in purchasing the system.

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