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LANforge-ICE Cookbook

The LANforge-ICE Cookbook provides a set of high-level examples of how to setup useful test scenarios in LANforge-ICE for WAN emulation. Each example intends to give the reader a brief introduction to the test scenario and a set of step-by-step instructions on how to use the LANforge-GUI to configure the test.

All of the following examples will work on Linux systems running the LANforge software with the LANforge kernel and a sufficient license. If you are running another Linux kernel, you will not be able to exactly duplicate some of the examples, but there are usually work-arounds available to assist you. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

If you are using the Windows version of LANforge, you will have to modify ports using the Windows utilities and you will not be able to duplicate the Routed Mode ICE examples. Everything else should work approximately the same, but the performance is limited to 10Mbps speeds.

LANforge-ICE WAN Emulation

Before attempting the examples below, ensure that you have successfully followed these software installation guides:

It is also recommended that you back up your current running LANforge-Server database so that you may safely return to your current operating state.

LANforge-ICE Cookbook Examples

  1. Bridged Mode (Non-routed) WanLink[pdf][share]
  2. Bridged Mode WanLink with Virtual Ports and Redirect Devices[pdf][share]
  3. Routed Mode WanLinks with Virtual Routers[pdf][share]
  4. Routed Mode WanLinks with a Single Physical Port[pdf][share]
  5. Routed Mode WanLinks with WanPaths[pdf][share]
  6. Virtual Router with DHCP Service[pdf][share]
  7. Virtual Router with NAT[pdf][share]
  8. Multiple Layer-2 Switches[pdf][share]
  9. Multiple Virtual Routers[pdf][share]
  10. Multiple Physical Port Testing - CT970-48[pdf][share]
  11. Bridging Three Wanlinks[pdf][share]
  12. WanPath Corruptions[pdf][share]
  13. WanLink Queue Discipline[pdf][share]
  14. ICE WiFi Gaming Demonstration Video[pdf][share]
  15. Using Custom DNS on LANforge with DNSmasq[pdf][share]

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