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Wi-Fi Technology Fundamentals Course

Course Objective:

While most technology courses may take a bottoms-up academic approach of explaining the subject matter with definitions and formulas, this course would attempt to explain all the concepts in as simple and as practical way as possible by providing real work examples and industry applications and showing real demos and visualizations of the concepts where ever possible. Our goal with this course is to make the complex world of Wi-Fi very easy to understand for beginners and also hopefully generate more interest among young engineers and college students to get inspired to develop a strong interest and build a successful career in this amazing and rapidly growing field of Wi-Fi. This course is fundamentally different from other Wi-Fi-related certifications and courses like CWNA as this course is more for engineers working on R&D of Wi-Fi technology and products and not related to deployment and or network administration.

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Sitarama Penumetsa | LinkedIn
CTO, Candela Technologies Inc.
GM, Candela Technologies India Pvt Ltd

Sitarama Penumetsa has 23 years of academic, research, and Industry experience in the field of Wi-Fi. Starting his career as a junior researcher in WLAN standards and moving on to becoming a Subject Matter Expert, Sitarama developed a strong interest and deep knowledge of Wi-Fi technology.

Transitioning to the Industry, Sitarama started as a software developer of WLAN test solutions and over the past 20 years, moved on to Technical Marketing, Project Management, and Business Development roles which allowed him to work with 100s of companies worldwide building products in the field of Wi-Fi and helped him develop deep understanding of the industry applications and ecosystem of Wi-Fi Technology.

Sitarama also has the experience of conducting several Wi-Fi technology training sessions, bootcamps, seminars, etc…to his colleagues and team members in the industry over the years and through this process developed and updated lots of training material in the field of Wi-Fi.

Sitarama currently serves as the CTO of Candela Technologies and also heads the India division of the same company.

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Course Contents and Schedule

Part-1: WiFi Technology Fundamentals - Basics

Module 1: Introduction and History of Wi-Fi
Tue - 26th Sept 2023 Session 1a: Evolution of Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi Generations, Residential Wi-Fi Applications, Enterprise Wi-Fi Applications, Business Evolution
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Thu - 28th Sept 2023 Session 1b: Wi-Fi Network Topologies
Infrastructure/Mesh/Bridge/Adhoc Modes, Various Backhaul Mechanisms, Various Deployment Use cases
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Tue - 3rd Oct 2023 Session 1c: WLAN Standards and Amendments Alphabet Soup
IEEE Standards Bodies, Wi-Fi Alliance, Standards and their extensions
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Thu - 5th Oct 2023 Session 1d: Basic Functional building blocks of a Wi-Fi AP/Router
PHY, Baseband, Lower MAC, Upper MAC, various Interfaces, key functional blocks
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Module 2: WLAN PHY Layer
Tue - 10th Oct 2023 Session 2a: Frequency Allocation
ISM and UNII Bands, unlicensed spectrum allocation, channels, Channel BW
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Thu - 12th Oct 2023 Session 2b: Modulation/Coding, MIMO Basics
Basics of Digital Modulation and Coding, Multipath, MIMO, OFDMA, Spectral Efficiency
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Tue - 17th Oct 2023 Session 2c: MCS Table, PHY Data Rates
PHY Data rates, MCS Table, Theoretical Throughput
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Thu - 19th Oct 2023 Session 2d: PHY Headers and key functions
PHY Headers, PCLP and PMD Sub Layers, Key PHY layer functions
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Module 3: WLAN MAC Layer
Tue - 24th Oct 2023 Session 3a: Basic AP Management and Control Functions
Beaconing, BSSID, Scanning, Basic Service Set and its Capabilities
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Thu - 26th Oct 2023 Session 3b: MAC Framing, Headers and Key Functions
MAC headers and key functions, Management/Control/Data Frames
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Tue - 31st Oct 2023 Session 3c: Carrier Sense and Medium Access
Physical/Virtual Carrier Sensing, DCF, Random Backoff, Interframe Spacing, EDCA Parameters
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Tue - 7th Nov 2023 Session 3d: Basic connection and Data Transfer
Basic Client Connection, BSS Capabilities, Data Transfer Mechanism, Aggregation, Rate Adaptation
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Module 4: Security in Wi-Fi
Tue - 14th Nov 2023 Session 4a: Various Wi-Fi Security Protocols
WEP, WPA/WPA2, Enterprise/Personal, Radius, Captive Portal, WPS
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Tue - 21st Nov 2023 Session 4b: Basics of Authentication and Encryption
EAP Methods, TKIP/CCMP, 802.1X connection, Key Generations, 4-way Handshake
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Tue - 28th Nov 2023 Session 4c: Attacks and Vulnerabilities
DoS Attacks, Man in the Middle Attacks, Cracking Security Keys, PMF
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Tue - 5th Dec 2023 Session 4d: Seamless connectivity/OpenRoaming
OpenRoaming Technology, Wi-Fi to Cellular Handover, EAP-SIM/AKA
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
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Part-2: WiFi Technology Fundamentals - Advanced

Module 5: Advanced Features and Standard Extensions
Week 1 Session5a: 802.11k/v/r, RRM, DFS, Fast Roaming
DFS, Traditional WLAN Roaming, Evolution of roaming enhancements (802.11k, 80211v, 802.11r)
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Week 2 Session5b: WiFi6 new features
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Week 3 Session5c: WiFi6E new features
6GHz Channels, AFC, RNR, FILS, PCS
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Week 4 Session5d: WiFi7 new features
320MHz, 4K QAM, MLO, Multi-RU, Preamble Puncturing
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Module 6: Advanced WiFi Use Cases
Week 5 Session6a: WLAN AP/Controller Architectures
Thick AP, Thin AP models, Physical Controller, Cloud Controller
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Week 6 Session6b: Smart WiFi Features
Traffic Shaping/Policing, Parental Controls, Advanced Analytics, AI/ML
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Week 7 Session6c: WiFi Mesh Networks
Mesh Topologies, Various deployment models, Mesh Access/Backhaul/Roaming
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Week 8 Session6d: WiFi Monetization
Location Based Analytics, WiFi Sensing, Information Technology to Operational Technology
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Module7: Basic Troubleshooting and Tools
Week 9 Session7a: Wireshark Capture Analysis
Wireshark WLAN filters, Radio tap headers, Information Element Analysis, I/O Charts
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Week 10 Session7b: Basic test/debug/spectrum analysis tools
iPerf, Ping, WiFi scanner tools, Kali Linux tools, Site Survey/Planning Tools, Heatmapping Tools
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Week 11 Session7c: Suppliant logs, AP logs, basic debug commands
APIs and Interfaces to AP config, Serial/Telnet/restAPIs, Supplicant and AP debug logs
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Week 12 Session7d: OpenWRT Basics
Basic overview and building blocks of OpenWRT project
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Module8: WiFi Lab Testing
Week 13 Session8a: WiFi Testing Fundamentals
Basics of various approaches for WiFi testing, Lab/Field, Automation/Manual etc..
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Week 14 Session8b: Testing in the Lab
Benchmarking, Scale/Stress Testing, Repeatability/Automation
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Week 15 Session8c: Testing in Test Houses
Testing approach for testing in real houses/enterprise environments, testing challenges and solutions
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
Week 16 Session8d: Testplan Development
Basics of how to develop testplans, execute them, use various engineering tools
Slides | Video | Quiz | Q&A | Notes
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