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Testing WiFi in Large Venues using LANforge

WiFi is expected to work reliably in large public venues. Stadium networks must handle thousands of users coming and going while others stream video and interact with social media. Inflight entertainment systems need to entertain hundreds of passengers on long flights, streaming high quality videos to most of them.

With the ability to create thousands of fully stateful WiFi users, Candela LANforge systems can help do large scale over the air testing on real production networks. Taking the example of testing an Inflight entertainment system, multiple LANforge systems can be used and managed as a single entity.

This example scenario uses 6 dual band LANforge systems to create 240 passenger stations in a simulated flight environment. All 240 stations are configured to download a video file over TCP representing the video streaming from a video server.

The test system allows the user to calculate the throughput and application latency over time for all the stations together and each station individually. The test system can also compute station connections times, dropped connections and many more measurements.

Includes these Building Blocks

Key Tests

Inflight Entertainment Demonstration

Pricing: Pricing starts at around $10k.

Lead Times: Most LANforge systems can generally be shipped within a couple of days of customer PO.

TaaS/Onsite Support: For a customer with only occasional testing needs, we provide an option of Test as a Service. Candela engineers can do the testing for you in our fully equipped test lab and provide a detailed test report with recommendations. We can provide onsite setup and automation services for customers interesting in purchasing the system.

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