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Cookbooks in the LANforge Scripting volume

  1. Basics: Introduction
  2. Basics: Operating LANforge scripts from Windows
  3. Perl: Monitor and Reset Ports with the portmod Script
  4. Perl: Cross Connects and Endpoints Tutorial
  5. Perl: Creating Connections with the FIREmod Script
  6. Perl: Operating Endpoint Hunt Scripts with the CLI
  7. Perl: Generating WiFi Traffic with the Associate Script
  8. Perl: Changing Station WiFi SSID with the CLI API
  9. CLI: Changing Station POST_IFUP Script with the CLI API
  10. CLI: Scripting Attenuation with CSV data
  11. Basics: LANforge Entity IDs
  12. JSON: Querying the LANforge GUI for JSON Data
  13. CLI: Station CLI Operations
  14. Basics: Generic Endpoint Scripts
  15. Perl: Chamber View: Automated tests with script
  16. Python: Querying the LANforge JSON API using Python
  17. Python: Managing WANlinks using JSON and Python
  18. Perl: Control a chamber with the Script
  19. Perl: Emulating Video Transmission with Layer 3 connections
  20. Python: Create Test Scripts With the Realm Class
  21. Python: Create Layer 4 Test Scripts With Python

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