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Network Testing and Emulation Solutions


Stateful Network Traffic Generator

LANforge FIRE generates stateful network traffic and monitors packets for throughput and correctness. LANforge FIRE sits on the edge of your network and tests your network core.

LANforge ICE

Network Emulator

LANforge ICE WAN emulators test the robustness of devices that connect either side of an impaired network. Impairments: bandwidth, latency, packet loss, jitter, corruptions and others.

All LANforge systems include a graphical management client with virtual network configuration, reporting, test management and automation capabilities. Get started with your own test scenarios by using our testing cookbooks:


  • New LANforge FIRE & ICE: 5.3.5 is released:

    Release 5.3.5 includes support for new MU-MIMO WiFi NICs, stability and feature improvements for the RF noiss generator, and RF Sniffer configuration improvements. The rate-control logic for the 3x3 AC NICs has been improved for better throughput, especially upload direction with lots of virtual stations. The VOIP call generator can now connect to SIP gateways with more strict checks.    See the Release Notes for more details.

  • Our New CT524 Chassis provides multiple WiFi radios and 10Gbps traffic in a quiet and portable form factor.


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