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CT712 Install Guide

Installing LANforge to manage the CT712 RF Noise Generator and RADAR Simulator.


The CT712 is a HackRF-One Software-Defined Radio (SDR) platform that has many capabilities. When used in LANforge it is able to emulate each RADAR pulse type or non-modulated RF noise. The CT712 requires the following packages to be installed on an available Linux system (Fedora 27 preferred):


Fedora Package Install

To install the Fedora packages required for using the CT712:
sudo dnf install hackrf gnuradio gr-osmosdr

At this point, you can use the hackrf device by itself using just the installed Linux tools and following the example on Adrian Granados's Guide, or you can continue below to allow LANforge to control the hackrf device.

The advantage to using LANforge is that we have provided both script and GUI control of the device to allow easier use of the DFS testing scenarios without having to generate your own scripts.

LANforge Install

To install the LANforge server and GUI, use the below guide:
Automated Linux Install/Upgrade Instructions

At this point, you can run the script from the LANforgeServer directory or use the LANforge GUI to emulate RADAR pulse types or RF noise.

See the CT712 RF Noise Generator and RADAR Simulator Guide for more information.

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