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Careers at Candela

Candelatech is a small company that customizes our products to customer requirements. Our software is under continual development to meet our customers' needs. We are not a cloud company--we operate close to the metal. We are looking for full time developers.

Programming Environment

Candela Technologies creates software and hardware that OEMs use to test their own equipment. Our server software is written in C++, our desktop software is written in Java, and our automation is scripted with

Candela engineers become experts at:

All engineers have opportunities to work with multiple programming languages. You will be asked to help customers diagnose software failures and network performance issues. You will develop python scripts that automate the desktop software which configures a network test scenario on multiple systems. (Much of this process is asynchronous — operating system automation is not like database programming.)

Candelatech customers often need support. Being ready to train new customers and help diagnose network troubles is everyone's reponsibility at Candelatech.

C++ Programmer

Candelatech maintains custom git trees for networking subsystems including:

Do you want to corrupt some packets?

Java Programmer

Our desktop software generates test scenarios and reports for network testing. It is Java based, and new tests, testing scenarios, and reports are always being asked for.

We also have an Android app for testing live networks on-site. Has your campus ever been a test-bed for pre-release WiFi equipment that hundreds of students used their phones to test?

Python Programmer

Candelatech customers are busy developing their own CI/CD product pipelines. Their equipment testing process includes our library of python scripts to validate product performance. No two products are ever the same. We help our customers by adapting our software to:

To Apply

We will happily accept your resume if you email it to us at: Please submit plain text or PDF.

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