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LANforge WiFi Station Association Code 17

Goal: Configure Two virtual APs with a maximum of ten stations each.

This cookbook provides a basic station setup to emulate over-populating an AP with stations. Requires a WiFIRE system such as a CT520 or better than can provide more stations than your AP(s) under test will accept. This is not a roaming setup (Wireless Roaming/HS2.0 or 802.11r) because it is not exercising enterprise authentication or roaming specifications.
  1. Set up one AP with a maximum of 10 stations permitted and an SSID of jedtest. (Not shown.)
  2. Create 11 stations for SSID jedtest
    1. In the Port Mgr tab, select wiphy0 and click the Create button. screenshot
    2. In the Create VLANs window, create 21 stations: screenshot
      1. Select WiFi STA,
      2. Select DHCP-IPv4
      3. and choose pattern xx:xx:xx:*:*:xx for MAC Addr.
      4. Then enter 11 for Quantity
      5. STA ID should be 0
      6. and SSID will be jedtest for this example.
      7. We also will select WPA2
      8. ...and click the Apply button.
    3. We will see 11 stations in the Port Mgr tab: screenshot
    4. The stations should start and ten will associate. screenshot
    5. In the LANforge Wireless Events window, you will see a warning for Association denied. screenshot

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