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Mobile STA Mesh Test - TPUT/ROAM

Goal: Perform a Mobile Station Mest Test

Demonstrate that a station with the Interop app install can roam in the test environment. Requires LANforge 5.4.6.

(February 10, 2023) Performed on: DUT: Samsung Galaxy S7

Setting Up for the Test

image 19

The Charter-Demo database was loaded, since this is the most recently saved stable state for the test.

First, ensure the DUT is on. *NOTE: This DUT has already been configured with the Interop app installed; as well as username/Mgmt IP set, and automatic WiFi connectivity to the test’s generated SSIDs.

image 26

My device, “ddb80157” is on and recognized by forge. If yours isn’t recognized, ensure that the device is on and USB debugging is enabled. Checking ADB connectivity can be troubleshooted from the command line on your LANforge machine.

You will want to view the DUT’s screen remotely in order to monitor traffic stats. To do this, select ‘Batch Modify’ from the Interop tab.

image 33

Fill in the IP of the display that you want the screen to appear on. This is likely the IP of your resource #1 LANforge machine.

In a few seconds, a window mirroring your device’s screen should appear. Open the Interop app.

image 39

Alright, the DUT is ready for testing. Open Chamber View and select the Mobile Mesh test from the ‘Tests’ dropdown. Then ‘Run Test’.

image 45

Below are some example test configurations, along with their generated reports.

Throughput Example:

(Bridged Scenario) (1 - 2.4GHz, 1 - 5GHz vAP per chamber) (UDP UL/DL) (Throughput)

image 56 img 57 img 57a

image 58

Roam Example:

(Bridged Scenario) (1 - 2.4GHz, 1 - 5GHz vAP per chamber) (UDP UL/DL) (Roam)

image 67 image 67a image 67b

image 69

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