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LANforge Server Installation for Windows Machine

Goal: Install the LANforge Server on the Windows machine, have the LANforge Manager recognize the Windows machine as a resource, and cluster the LANforge Manager with the Windows machine.

The LANforge InterOp solution of Candela technologies is used to support real clients for testing Access Points. InterOp gives the ease of handling real clients with complete automation and populate a detailed reports on the entire duration of the test. This cookbook requires LANforge version 5.4.6 and above.

We have support for various kinds of real clients:

-      Android clients.
-      iOS clients.
-      Windows Machines.
-      Linux Machines.
-      MacOS Machines.

Network Topology:

Before getting started:

All applications requiring internet for installation should be installed before starting the LANforge server.

Steps to install LANforge Server on MacOS machine

  1. Make sure the Windows laptop runs either Windows 10 or 11.

  1. Open Windows powershell as administrator and type in the following command, then press enter.

wget -o windows_lf_setup.ps1

  1. Type in the command that allows executing powershell Bypass scripts in powershell, then press enter.

Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass

  1. Type in the command below to allow auto-login and disable security. Then press enter.

.\windows_lf_setup.ps1 -autologin

Then, unselect the users for “Users must enter a username and password” to prevent the machine requiring a username or password after reboot.

  1. Reboot the laptop (with the below command). After the typing in the command, press enter.


  1. Now connect your laptop as per the Network topology.

  2. In the powershell terminal, download the setup script again (as user admin) with the below command. After typing in the command, press enter. wget -o windows_lf_setup.ps1

  3. Install the following applications from Google:

  1. Type in the below command in the terminal to start the LANforge server.

.\windows_lf_setup.ps1 -lfver 5.4.6

  1. After the LANforge Server exe file is downloaded, run the exe file by double clicking on the file. After running the file, two icons should pop up on the Desktop page (see image below).

Copy the start LANforge option to the following directory such that the app will directly auto start whenever the windows machine is rebooted.

[ Users >> Administrator >> AppData >> Roaming >> Windows >> StartMenu >> Programs >> Startup.]

  1. Now we can configure the parameters in the Configure LANforge regarding the resource ID, Realm ID and many more.

Configure the basic settings like Mode, Resource ID and realm.

Click on the network tab and select your ethernet interface.

Provide the Lanforge IP for clustering the laptop to that specific IP address.

  1. Click on start LANforge and you can see a following prompt on the screen.

  1. Now you can detect a resource in the Resource Manager of LANforge GUI.

  1. Click on Port Mgr to see number of interfaces of the Windows laptop. The “ad1” port is the Wi-Fi interface of the Windows laptop.

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