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LANforge Server Installation for MacOS

Goal: Install the LANforge Server on the MacOS machine, have the LANforge Manager recognize the MacOS machine as a resource, and cluster the LANforge Manager with the MacOS machine.

This cookbook requires LANforge GUI version 5.4.6 and above.


The LANforge InterOp solution of Candela technologies are used to support real clients for testing Access Points. InterOp gives the ease of handling real clients with complete automation and populate a detailed reports on the entire duration of the test.

We have support for various kinds of real clients:

-      Android clients.
-      iOS clients.
-      Windows Machines.
-      Linux Machines.
-      MacOS Machines.

Network Topology:

Before getting started:

All applications requiring internet for installation should be installed before starting the LANforge server.

Steps to install LANforge Server on MacOS machine

  1. Open a new terminal.

  2. Type in the command: sudo su – root to become root user.

  1. Type into the terminal:

    1. curl -o

    Then, press enter. This command downloads Candela's server installation script.

    1. chmod a+x

    Then, press enter. This command give permissions and set proper bits.

    1. ./ --do_all_ct --lfver 5.4.6**

    Then, press enter. This command runs the server installation script we downloaded above (with the proper arguments).

  2. Type in the terminal: cd /Users/lanforge and press enter. Then, type in: ./lfconfig and press enter. These 2 commands change terminal to /Users/lanforge and run the command to configure LANforge realms.

  1. Specify your lanforge ip manager and press enter. Below is the example of specifying manager


  1. Specify your realm id and press enter. Below is command example of specifying realm 41.

realm 41

  1. Set a resource number for your laptop. This is any resource number that is already used. Below is an example of using resource 44. Press enter after the command is typed.

resource 44

  1. Give mode as resource to act the Mac laptop as resource using the command below. Then press enter.

mode resource

  1. Type in config and enter to save changes.

  2. Start the lanforge server by typing in ./serverctl.bash start and pressing enter.

After starting the LANforge server, go to the Lanforge GUI Port Mgr tab to find your MacOS machine clustered.

Resource Mgr tab will also show the laptop and the resource id that was given earlier above to the MacOS machine.

Now en0 port can be used as station of laptop wiphy radio and run traffic.

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