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LANforge as 802.11k/v/r Access Point Cluster

Goal: Create 8 LANforge APs supporting 802.11k, v, and r in bridged mode using Chamber View

In this test scenario, two LANforge CT522 systems are used to create 8 APs. The APs can be used for 802.11k/v/r roaming and related testing. No external radius server is needed. The 'eth1' interfaces on the two LANforges should be connected to the same LAN. NOTE: As of this writing, there is a bug when 802.11w (MFP) is enabled. We are not currently clear whether it is an AP issue or a Station issue.

  1. Configure Chamber View to create 802.11r Access Points.
    1. Open Chamber View by clicking on the 'Chamber View' button in the LANforge-GUI. You can right-click in Chamber View to create various objects. The LANforge system(s) should show up as green boxes in Chamber View. screenshot
    2. Configure a Chamber View Scenario and add the AP profiles. screenshot
    3. This example uses one 802.11r AP profile for all APs. screenshot
    4. Once you have saved and selected the Scenario, click Apply Scenario and then click Build Scenario. The APs will be created, bridge devices will be created and will contain the APs and the Ethernet ports selected in the scenario. A radius server will be created and started. The Access Point devices will be started as part of the build process, so the system is now ready to be used. You can also make further modifications to the AP configuration by modifying the vap interfaces in the Port-Mgr tab of the LANforge GUI. screenshot
    5. To give you some idea of the underlying configuration, please see this VAP configuration window. screenshot
    6. And the 'custom' magic that makes the .11r cluster talk to itself. screenshot
    7. Normally you would configure your own Station device to connect to this AP cluster. In this case, LANforge stations were used. Here is a screenshot of the config window to give some idea of how to configure your own stations. screenshot
    8. The Station advanced screen shows the EAP-TTLS config and key management. Note that 802.11w is disabled in this test to work around some bug. screenshot

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