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EAP-PEAP AND MSCHAPv2 Configuration

Goal: To set up a lanforge wireless station with EAP-PEAP AND MSCHAPv2 authentication.

  1. RADIUS Server is a Windows Server 2012 VM using its internal RADIUS Server specifically on interface screenshot
  2. RADIUS Server has both EAP-PEAP and MSCHAPv2 configured for use. screenshot
  3. AP is a Ubiquiti HD AP with SSID ubnt-hd-ent with WPA Enterprise security. screenshot
  4. The AP controller points to the RADIUS server at screenshot
  5. LANforge STA1 basic configuration: screenshot
  6. LANforge STA1 advanced configuration is using EAP-PEAP. screenshot
  7. Wireshark capture of STA1 EAPOL authentication. screenshot
  8. LANforge STA2 basic configuration: screenshot
  9. LANforge STA2 advanced configuration is using MSCHAPv2. screenshot
  10. Wireshark capture of STA2 EAPOL authentication. screenshot

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