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Generating Traffic to a Switched Network

Goal: Set up and run traffic on a flat network.

In this test scenario, LANforge-FIRE is used to generate traffic between two ports on the same subnet (switch) in order to test throughput.
  1. Connect two available data generating ports of your LANforge server to the DUT. In this example, the DUT is a switch.
  2. Set up the LANforge ports so that they have valid IP addresses. This example uses static IP addresses, but you can also use DHCP if your network supports that.
    1. Go to the Port Manager screenshot
    2. Modify port for Endpoint A (eth2) screenshot
    3. Modify port for Endpoint B (eth3) screenshot
    4. Verify the port configuration screenshot

    For more information see LANforge User's Guide: Ports (Interfaces)

  3. Create a Layer-3 connection using the two configured ports.
    1. Go to the Layer-3 tab screenshot
    2. Create a new Cross-Connect screenshot
    3. Verify the new Cross-Connect screenshot

    For more information see LANforge User's Guide: Layer-3 Cross-Connects (FIRE)

  4. Run traffic and observe results.
    1. Select the cross-connect on the Layer-3 tab, click Start and then Display screenshot
    2. View the Layer-3 cross-connect display screenshot

    For more information see LANforge User's Guide: Layer-3 Cross-Connect Display

  5. In this case, the overall throughput of the DUT is approximately 76Mbps. The Report Manager can also be used to record the throughput over time.
    1. Select Reporting Manager from the Reporting pull-down menu screenshot
    2. Record test data by following these steps: screenshot
      1. Select the GUI Data Collection tab.
      2. Choose a directory to save raw (.csv) data.
      3. Click Save to start the data collection.
      4. After desired test duration, click Stop.
      5. NOTE: Your report will look cleaner if you stop traffic about 2 minutes before you stop saving data.
    3. In the Generate Report tab, choose a directory to save the HTML report. NOTE: Make sure your directory name does not include any special charicters such as apostrophes. screenshot
      1. Click Generate Report.
    4. Select the entities to be included screenshot
    5. Click Generate Report to start the report generation screenshot
    6. This window lists all the reports being generated. The last line indicates the location of the HTML report. screenshot
    7. View the HTML report screenshot

    For more information see LANforge User's Guide: Reporting

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