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Making FIRE Chili

Goal: Make some tasty chili.

In this test scenario, LANforge-FIRE is not used to generate traffic. Instead, the test engineer should realize that all work and no play makes Homer something something.

Please note that this chili recipe is just as quick and dirty as the rest of the examples in this cookbook, but ever more tasty. Feel free to improvise...

  1. Get yourself in a kitchen with some groceries.
  2. Prep some ingredients.
    1. Chop up some onions. One should be good enough. screenshot
    2. Chop up some garlic. Just a few cloves. screenshot
  3. Cook it all up
    1. Brown some ground beef. screenshot
    2. Heat up tomato sauce, kidney beans. 16oz of each is good. screenshot
    3. Add garlic, onions, beef and spices such as cayenne, cumin, chili powder, salt and pepper. screenshot
    4. Don't forget the beer! screenshot
      1. Note: The beer is for you, not the chili...unless of course you are experimenting!
    5. Cornbread is also nice to have. screenshot
  4. Enjoy!
    1. Serve with additional chopped onions, corn chips and cheddar cheese. screenshot

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