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Generating Armageddon Traffic Containing Random MAC Addresses

Goal: Set up and run traffic containing random MAC addresses using the LANforge Armageddon feature.

In this test scenario, LANforge Armageddon is set up to run with random MAC addresses. This is useful when performance/stress testing network devices that may not be able to keep up with high-speed traffic containing rapidly changing MAC addresses.

Note: In order to use the LANforge Armageddon feature, your system must have the LANforge kernel patch applied and your system must be properly licensed. Please feel free to contact us at if you would like to obtain a demo license for the Armageddon feature.

  1. Configure the physical interfaces.
    1. Go to the Port Manager and select ports eth2 and eth3 screenshot
    2. Modify ports eth2 and eth3 screenshot
      1. In this example, eth2 and eth3 are connected to another LANforge system running a WanLink so that the Armageddon traffic can be sniffed on the other machine's interface
      2. NOTE: Be sure that both ports are in Promiscuous mode by selecting the Set PROMISC and PROMISC checkboxes
    3. Configure each port with a valid IP address, then click OK screenshot

    For more information see LANforge User's Guide: Ports (Interfaces)

  2. Create the Armageddon cross-connect.
    1. On the Armageddon tab, click Create screenshot
    2. Enter a CX Name, select ports eth2 and eth3, then enter the speed and packet size for both endpoints screenshot
    3. Enter values for the Source and Destination MAC addresses, specify a MAC count, and deselect Use Router MAC for both endpoints. screenshot

    For more information see LANforge User's Guide: Armageddon (Accelerated UDP)

  3. Run the Armageddon cross-connect and verify results with Wireshark.
    1. Select the Armageddon connection then click Start screenshot
    2. On the Port Mgr tab of the other LANforge system, select one of the physical interfaces in the Armageddon connection screenshot
    3. Click Sniff Packets to launch Wireshark and begin sniffing traffic. screenshot
      1. Stop the Wireshark capture after a few seconds via the stop icon or pull-down menu (Capture>Stop)
    4. Select several packets and note their MAC addresses screenshot
    5. Verify that the MAC addresses for each packet are different screenshot

    For more information see LANforge User's Guide: Armageddon (Accelerated UDP)

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