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Connect to LANforge using Remote Desktop

Goal: Operate your LANforge's Linux desktop by accessing it with Windows Remote Desktop utility.

LANforge computers on Intel hardware are typically installed with a full Linux desktop. You can use the LANforge GUI, do traffic sniffing, open terminal windows, and office software to look at report data over remote desktop. LANforge computers are pre-configured with RDP and VNC desktop services.
  1. From your Windows Start Menu, type "remote" and Remote Desktop Connection should be an option. screenshot
  2. If you are using the Start→Run menu, type mstscEnter screenshot
  3. If you want to create a desktop shortcut, explore the folder C:\windows\system32 and right-click mstsc.exe
  4. Configure your connection:
    1. Fedora version 24 and 25 have a bug in the vncserver triggered by xrdp. The effective way to use rdesktop on those systems is to select an Xorg session for connecting (not a Xvnc session).
    2. When connecting to Fedora 14-23 systems:
      1. User Name: lanforge screenshot
      2. You will not need to fill out the xrdp login screen.
    3. When connecting to Fedora 24-25 systems:
      1. Do not specify a user name, and select Always ask for credentials. screenshot
      2. Select Xorg as the session type screenshot
      3. Specify username lanforge and password lanforge screenshot
    4. Local Resources screenshot
      1. If your rdesktop session immediately closes, you might have hit the xrdp clipboard bug. If so:
      2. For Windows Remote Desktop (mstsc.exe): unselect Local Devices→Clipboard
      3. For Linux rdesktop, use the command: rdesktop -a16 -r cliboard:off -u lanforge [machine-name]
    5. Disable remote audio settings screenshot
    6. Disable local printers screenshot
    7. Set Server authentication to Connect and do not warn screenshot
    8. Connection quality can be 16-bit (millions of colors)
  5. Click Connect to connect to the default desktop, the default password is lanforge screenshot
  6. When you are DONE with your connection, you may close the Remote Desktop window. You will not be logged out. However, if you log in without setting the Username option, you will be logged into a new session alongside your old session. If you see this screen below, you are starting a new desktop session: screenshot
  7. To reconnect to your previous desktop session, make sure you use the Username lanforge in your connection settings.
  8. To logout of the desktop session, select System→Log Out from the top window of the Linux desktop. screenshot

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