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Bridging Multiple WAN-links

Goal: Create a star topology network similar to a central VPN server with remote offices.

Using LANforge Netsmith, we connect three ethernet ports with WAN-links. Each WAN-link has an ethernet port on one side and a virtual redirect on the other. The redirects are then bridged. We can then model the WAN environment by changing the latency (and other parameters) of the WANlinks. In this example, we are using ports eth2, eth3 and eth4 This emulates a bridged network, but it is also possible to do a similar configuration using a Virtual Router instead of a bridge to emulate a routed network.
  1. Use Netsmith to create three WAN links
    1. In the Status tab, click the Netsmith button screenshot
    2. Right click in the Netsmith window
    3. Select New Connection screenshot
    4. Create new WAN link connection screenshot
      1. Select Port 1-A: eth2
      2. Select Port 1-B:Skip
      3. Click OK
    5. A tentative WAN link is displayed screenshot
    6. Click the Apply button at the bottom of the Netsmith window. This commits the WAN link to the resource. screenshot
    7. Creating two more WAN links is a similar process
    8. Repeat these steps: screenshot
      1. Right click, New Connection
      2. Choose eth3 for port 1-A and Skip for port 1-B, then OK
      3. Click Netsmith Apply to commit connection.
      4. Right click, New Connection
      5. Choose eth4 for port 1-A and Skip for port 1-B, then OK
      6. Click Netsmith Apply to commit connection.
  2. Use Netsmith to create a bridge port
    1. Right click, Select New Bridge screenshot
    2. Create the bridge with the following attributes: screenshot
      1. Select Bridge
      2. Quantity: 1
      3. Bridge Name: br0
    3. Click Netsmith Sync to bring the br0 port onto the Netsmith screen screenshot
    4. Right click the br0 port and select Modify Port screenshot
    5. In the text area below the Add Ports button, add the three virtual WAN link endpoints: screenshot
      1. rddVR1
      2. rddVR3
      3. rddVR5
    6. Click Add Ports to enter the selection. You will see them show up in the Bridge Information table. screenshot
    7. Click Apply to commit the change.
    8. Click Sync to read-in the ports to the screen. You will see them show up in the Bridge Information table. screenshot
    9. Click Cancel to close the window.
  3. Enable the WAN links in Netsmith
    1. In the Netsmith window, click Sync to bring the changes into view screenshot
    2. Right click on VRWL-1.1 and select Toggle WanLink
    3. Repeat the toggle for the next two WanLinks screenshot

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