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Automate The Creation of VAPs With The Realm Python Library

Goal: Create a python script to create VAPs

Using the library we will write a script that will allow us to automate the creation of VAPs. Requires LANforge 5.4.2
  1. Building a VAP

    1. VAPProfile
      1. The preferred method for creating a vap_profile is to use the factory method new_vap_profile() found in realm
        1. We will need to set the name of our vap using vap_profile.vap_name
          vap_profile.vap_name = "TestNet"
        2. vap_profile.use_security(security_type, ssid, passwd) is the preferred method to use when setting the security type, ssid, and password variables. Available security types are wpa, wpa2, wpa3, wep, and open.
          vap_profile.use_security(type="wpa2", ssid="testNet", passwd="testPass") 
        3. We can change the mode at any time before calling create() by modifying the vap_profile.mode variable. Changing the mode will allow us to specify the 802.11 wireless standard the VAP uses. See here for available modes.
          vap_profile.mode = 1
        4. The channel to be used by the VAP can be set with the channel parameter of the create() method.
          vap_profile.create(resource=1, radio="wiphy0", channel=36, up_=True)
  2. Bringing VAPs Up/Down

    1. vap_profile.admin_up() and vap_profile.admin_down() can be used to bring the VAP up or down, as necessary.
  3. Using TTLS

    1. TTLS setup requires a few pieces of information to work correctly. VAPProfile has a set_wifi_extra() method for setting the relevant variables. See here for the available options
    2. We will need a key management type (key_mgmt), an EAP method (eap), an EAP identity string (identity), an EAP password string (passwd), an 802.11u realm (realm), an 802.11u domain (domain), and an 802.11u HESSID (hessid)
      We can then use these variables to call the set_wifi_extra() method
      vap_profile.set_wifi_extra(key_mgmt, eap, identity, passwd, realm, domain, hessid)
  4. Cleaning Up

    1. vap_profile.cleanup() can be used to remove any VAPs that were created by the profile

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