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Automated Probing of Ports for information

Goal: Probe a port for information on that port.

We will learn how to use a script to probe a port for more information.We will also look at the ouput from the GUI, JSON response, and the script itself. Use the script as a reference.
  1. Using the Script

    1. Command Line Options
      1. --port_eid portEID
        Specifies the eid of the port to be probed, if this option is used, the name will default to 1.1.eth0.
    2. Running the script
      1. As an example, we can run the script using:
        ./ --port_eid 1.1.wlan1
        This example will probe the existing wlan1 port
  2. Probe Results From the GUI

    1. In order to view this page we will need to choose a port to use and start probing.
      1. First we will open the configure settings window for our chosen port: Picture of configure settings window
      2. Next we will click the probe button at the bottom of the window and another window will popup with the probe information: Picture of probe results window This information is the formatted version of the probe. The other methods of accessing probe results will be unformatted JSON.
  3. JSON Response from /probe/

    1. Another way of viewing the same information is to access the /probe/ page from LANforge. This can be done by going to the page at your LANforge ip using port 8080. Ex: We will also need the shelf number, the resource number, and the port name.
      The final URL would look like this: and the page will look similar to this: Picture of a webpage view of probe results

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