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Cookbooks in the LANforge WiFIRE volume

  1. AP Testing: Basic AP Testing
  2. AP Testing: Jamming a channel with CT523
  3. UE Testing: Create VAP in Bridge Mode
  4. UE Testing: Create Routed VAP to Ethernet
  5. AP Testing: Station performance for 1, 50, and 128 stations
  6. AP Testing: Multicast download test
  7. UE Testing: Configuring a Virtual AP with Limited Stations
  8. UE Testing: WiFi Station Association Code 17
  9. Enterprise: HotSpot 2.0 with EAP-TLS and EAP-TTLS
  10. Enterprise: HotSpot 2.0 with EAP-AKA
  11. Enterprise: HotSpot 2.0 with EAP-SIM
  12. Enterprise: Fast Roaming Stations with 802.11r (FT-EAP)
  13. Enterprise: Two Access Point Network with 802.11r (FT-EAP)
  14. Enterprise: Four Access Point Network with 802.11r (FT-EAP)
  15. Enterprise: Roaming with HotSpot 2.0
  16. Enterprise: HotSpot 2.0 Release 2
  17. AP Testing: Rate v. Range Test
  18. AP Testing: Attenuation vs PDU Size Test
  19. AP Testing: WiFi Capacity Test
  20. AP Testing: Station Reset Test
  21. AP Testing: Emulating Degraded Stations
  22. AP Testing: Scripted Attenuation of a WiFi Connection
  23. AP Testing: External Traffic Generation
  24. Captive Portal: Captive Portal Bot (portal-bot)
  25. Captive Portal: Older Captive Portal Login (lf_ifup_post)
  26. AP Testing: Emulating Station Motion with Programmable Attenuator
  27. UE Testing: Emulating many vAP with one radio for Station DUT testing
  28. UE Testing: Emulating a degraded vAP to test Station DUT management frame retry logic
  29. AP Testing: Multiple Stations with a Hunt Script
  30. UE Testing: Running UDP Traffic with Android
  31. UE Testing: Verifying Android QoS
  32. UE Testing: ScriptHunt with Test Groups
  33. AP Testing: WPS Association
  34. AP Testing: Station MU-MIMO performance for 2x2 and 1x1 stations
  35. UE Testing: WiFi Capacity Test with Layer 4
  36. AP Testing: Using Wireshark to Sniff WiFi Monitors
  37. AP Testing: Scripting a Standalone CT703 or CT704 Attenuator
  38. AP Testing: DFS Testing with CT712 RF Noise Generator and RADAR Simulator
  39. Mesh Testing: Video demonstration
  40. AP Testing: WiFi Transportation Testing Video Demonstration
  41. UE Testing: WiFi Gaming Demonstration Video
  42. AP Testing: Inflight Entertainment Video

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