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Changing the logo generated in GUI reports

Goal: Correctly access and change the logo displayed at the top of GUI-generated reports in your local Lanforge GUI.

It is possible to provide your own logo and report header graphics.
  1. Open your LANforge GUI, click on Reporting, and Reporting Manager screenshot
  2. Click on Generate Report screenshot
  3. Find a desired image instead of the default report logo that fits the report logo size (within 200 x 90 px size range) and save the image into the html/images/ path within the bt_bits directory. screenshot
  4. Once the desired image is within the appropriate images folder, scroll over back to the Reporting Manager tab, click on Report Logo and select the image (and image path) to be placed in the Report logo path. Then select Report Logo. Now, once a user generates a report, the new report should print out with a different logo at the top. screenshot

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