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Display WireShark Using Cygwin

Goal: We will display the WireShark application on Windows using Cygwin when we press Sniff Packets which actually runs WireShark on the Linux LANforge machine.

The native display protocol for Linux (and Unix) is the X Display Protocol. The project provides Linux software that runs natively on Windows. You can run an X display server on Windows that accepts connection from LANforge. We will walk through setting up Cygwin and configuring an X display.
  1. Installing Cygwin and the X display components
  2. We will start at and download the Cygwin installer. screenshot
  3. Download setup-x86.exe or setup-x86_64.exe as appropriate. Go to your Downloads folder and double start the program. screenshot
  4. Next screenshot
  5. Next screenshot
  6. Next screenshot
  7. Choose a mirror that might be close to you, click Next screenshot
  8. Now you see a the software selection screen, sorted by category. Some of these entries appear two or more times, because they belong to multiple categores. Try using the search box in upper middle above the software list to search for the packages listed below. screenshot
  9. The items you want to search for are
    • openssh
    • xorg-server
    • xinit
    • rxvt
    • xlaunch
    1. Search for openssh and click the Skip property once to change it to the most recent version to set it to install. screenshot
    2. xorg-server provides the X display system screenshot
    3. xinit helps the X system launch screenshot
    4. xlaunch is what you will drag to your task bar to launch your Cygwig X server screenshot
    5. rxvt and rxvt-unicode are more useful terminals than the minterm program that Cygwin provides by default. screenshot
  10. Click Next and let the installer finish the installation of the Cygwin packages. You will see a Cygwin Terminal icon appear on your desktop and new Cygwin icons in your Start menu. screenshot
  11. Next we will right-click on the Cygwin Terminal icon and select Open File Location screenshot
  12. In the Explorer window, scroll to find xlaunch.exe, and drag it to the Task Bar screenshot
  13. Click the xlaunch icon on the task bar, and click Next screenshot
  14. Next screenshot
  15. Check Disable Access Control and add the option: -listen tcp. Click Next screenshot
  16. Firewall, Click Allow Access screenshot
  17. If the LANforge Messages window reports 'No Access', you might need to use xhost.exe to grant X11 access. screenshot
    1. Open a CMD window screenshot
    2. Go to the cygwin\bin folder:
      C:\> cd \cygwin\bin
    3. Use xhost.exe to open permissions:
      C:\> .\xhost.exe +
  18. Now your X display service is running. You can check that it's running by clicking into the System Tray and seeing if the icon is there. screenshot
  19. Launch the LANforge GUI from your desktop. Select a port from the Port Mgr tab. Notice how the Disp field has your laptop's LAN address. This is the display address the remote machine will display the Wireshark window to. screenshot
  20. You will see WireShark screenshot
  21. Resources and other Documentation:

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