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Ben Greear
Co-founder and President/CEO of Candela Technologies. As Candela's business and technical leader, Ben has created an innovative and profitable company. Ben is active in the Open Source community, most notably in his contribution of an 802.1Q VLAN implementation for Linux. Ben gained experience from the corporate world as a key implementer of the SuperLine DSL Product and a Central Office grade Call Center System.   He has also written ScryMUD, but no longer has time to maintain it.   Visit Ben's Web Page for more information about him and his more personal interests.

Thanos Kaliyanakis
Co-founder of Candela Technologies.

Hun-Kyi Wynn
Vice President.   Hun-Kyi brings to the Candela Technologies team the knowledge and experience of integrating, testing, deploying and supporting Voice and Video over IP (V2IP/VVoIP) new product offerings in the hosted service provider and enterprise markets.   Through leading technical efforts to win domestic and international V2IP customers, Hun-Kyi gained valuable insight into the complex integration of multiple open-standards solutions such as Lucent Accelerate (TM) VoIP Enterprise Solutions utilizing the Broadsoft Broadworks SIP Softswitch.   The foundations of Hun-Kyi's technical experience and discipline are built on the initial realization and deployment of the iMerge telephony and cable GR-303 VoIP gateways in the regulated NAR service provider markets.   Hun-Kyi's successful integration of nascent VoIP communications products at the laboratories of major NAR and EMEA service providers led to successful commercial VoIP deployments in which he also took a primary role.   Hun-Kyi's commercial network experience is based on a foundation of over a hundred thousand active converged network revenue generating VoIP lines.   Past experiences include the resolution of Telco customer feature problems and the development of features on the GTD-5 EAX Class 5 Central Office telephony switch.

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